söndag, januari 15, 2006


Surfade in på F.O.S.I.s F.A.Q. Läste med nöje alla frågor och svar. Befriande fritt från svensk politisk korrekthet. Den står en upp i halsen understundom, några smakprov:

Q: I downloaded [...] program from your page,how do I?..

A: Do you think I'm 'tech support' or what?


Q: Why you can`t add description for programs on your page?

A: Programs here are for people who know what the hell they want, and just want to have the full version. I DON`T post any SHIT. For cracked garbage go to another place.

Q: What the fuck? Can you remove these annoying graphics and leave only text links to the programz? Or do you think I come here to look at your stupid download buttons?

A: I enjoy making graphics, :) Maybe it sounds silly, but it`s my page.Yer getting it for free, DON'T BITCH!


Q: Can you add on your page or know where to download [...] program?

A: No.I can't add it, and don't know where to download it. Heh, go to the software store and buy it.


Q: Fuck you! Your page sux! The links aren`t working and graphics look like bullshit!

A: Fuck yourself and never come here again.


Q: This FAQ did not solved my problem, what shold I do?

A: Visit your psychiatrist.

Håll med om att denna F.A.Q. har ett visst underhållningsvärde. Önskar att alla F.A.Q.s kunde vara så befriande korthuggna och rakt på sak.

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